"Shoot Seuss in the Caboose"

1 vs 1 First-Person Tower-Defense Prototype

Fall 2010
Role: Technical Designer
Engine: UDK
Development Time: 3.5 weeks

"Shoot Seuss in the Caboose" is a first-person tower-defense prototyope based off the visual style of Dr. Seuss, its chief purpose being the exploration of alternative visual styles. My role on the project was concerned mainly with what one might call "gameplay programming" in Kismet, as I developed the systems necessary to operate turrets, build defenses, and conduct streams of enemies.

Key Features

All of these features were implemented through the use of kismet. Controls for the main turret were developed using a combination of Matinee events for turning the gun as well as a UIScene that overrode inputs and output them to kismet. The turret-building interface and main interface are built with a combination of Kismet and Scaleform GFx UIs built by Yizhe Jiang. Samples of my kismet work can be found below in the image gallery.

Image Gallery