Global Incineration

Created for Global Game Jam

Winter 2011
Role: Lead Game Designer, Programmer
Engine: UDK
Development Time: 48 hours

Global Incineration is a game that explores the dangers greenhouse gases... by representing them as paddles in a delightful game of Breakout, wherein you--THE SUN--mercilessly bombard major cities of the world with your rays, reducing them to ash and rubble!

This is a game I helped develop for the 2011 Global Game Jam, the theme being "extinction." We went through the various means of extinction we could possibly explore, settled on global warming, and I started bouncing ideas around with the group on what kind of (SIMPLE) game we could make out of it, outlining an idea for a game wherein the player shoots orbs of sunlight at major cities and bounces them off the bottom of clouds. Our producer, Adam Price, took a humorous bend to it, setting each level's music to a jaunty tune.

My role on this project concerned two things: first, keeping the game in scope, as I've participated in several game jams in the past and have a good feel for what can be produced in a 48-hour period, and second, technical implementation. The game is created entirely with Kismet and UIScenes with some Scaleform integration for the scoring display.

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