About The Author


My name is Michael Scott Prinke. I'm a game designer and a graduate of Michigan State University's game design and development program, with a major in telecommunications and a cognate in social science. I am trained in a broad variety of skills including flash programming, 3D modeling, animation, and both technical and fiction writing.

I'm highly analytical about the games I play and the games I make; digital games to me are like poems, with gameplay dictating the rhythm and flow of a story and informing its emotion for players the way words and rhetorical devices do in poetry for its readers. With this ideal combined with my technical background, I make it my aim to make stories come to life for players through creating tangible connections between the player and the game's setting through a game's mechanics, with emphasis on flexibility, exploration, and playstyle building.

I've made it my aim to find a position at a company with goals not unlike my own, working as either a gameplay programmer or a writer for a creatively oriented studio. Whether it's making the scripts that bring the features, the content, and the world to life for players or whether it's writing the characters that they make their connections with, I take great joy in what I do and wish to share that joy in every way I can by crafting exceptional work.